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Re-connecting in the COVID-19 Era: Remote Classes Might be Your Thing

Working from home can be a blessing for some and a nightmare for others. Even for those fortunate enough to complete their jobs in their PJs, things like going to the gym seem like a relic of the past. This is how live online classes can revolutionize our routines for us. Live online classes have the capability of bridging the gap between us simply wanting to improve our lives, and capitalizing on some of the best approaches to do so.

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Where to find coworking spaces in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is our third time returning to Sofia. Last time we were here in 2018 we were only here for two weeks and we mostly worked from home or from cafes. Some days we work from “home”, some days we go to a coworking space and others we work from cafes. We found ourselves coworking in Sofia regularly. So where can you co-work from in Sofia?

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What’s Holding You Back from Finding Remote Work?

While speaking to many of you who are keen to move into remote work this year, I’ve been hearing the same common beliefs over and over that are stopping so many of you from beginning to explore opportunities where you could work remotely or start freelancing.

Here are the top 6 common beliefs that might be holding you back right now. We hope we can bust these ‘myths’ to help kick-start your remote work or freelancer journey!

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So you want to work remotely? Start here!

You’d be surprised at what roles you could do remotely!

A great place to start is to think about what sort of work you are interested in doing, what work you are good at, and think about if you’d be open to branching out to other things.

If you’re at the start of your exploration into remote work, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a few useful starting points for you to look at here below.

Start here!

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Lessons learned being location independent for 3 years!

Being location independent can be challenging at times. We’ve found it all to be incredibly worth it! If you’re thinking about travelling while working remotely or if you’ve already begun but you’re curious to hear how others are doing it then here are a few things we’ve learned from our journeys working remotely on the move over the past two years.