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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Beki Adams

We met Beki last year at one of her regular Digital Wombats meet-ups when we based ourselves in Chiang Mai in Thailand in 2019 for a little while before moving onto Koh Phangan. We had the pleasure of catching up with Beki in person again before we left Thailand in December. Beki is a fellow multipassionate multipotentialite juggling many different projects at any one time! When she isn’t working she can be found running events for digital nomads, playing with her cats, exploring Thailand (the pandemic has also impacted her on this too) or wakeboarding.

Career Adventures Digital Marketing Digital Nomads Freelancing Remote Work Travel

Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Alice Johnson

As we return to our interview series we interview Alice, a vegan content writer and public health scientist. Like me, her nomad adventures have been paused this year due to the pandemic. Alice tells us how since going plant-based in 2015, she and her sister has made it their mission to discover the best food, travel destinations, sustainable fashion, and experiences available for vegans. Alongside this, Alice and her sister Lucy work together to use businesses as forces for good to promote a more vegan and sustainable world.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Sophia Cheng

I’m Sophia, communications professional turned newbie activist. Office worker turned business owner. Rule follower to rule breaker. Long-term traveller who returned back home. Since October 2018 I’ve changed nearly every aspect of my life. One big aspect is ‘career’. I’m dedicating the next decade of my life to the climate crisis.

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Where to find coworking spaces in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is our third time returning to Sofia. Last time we were here in 2018 we were only here for two weeks and we mostly worked from home or from cafes. Some days we work from “home”, some days we go to a coworking space and others we work from cafes. We found ourselves coworking in Sofia regularly. So where can you co-work from in Sofia?

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Jenny Lachs

My name is Jenny and I’m originally from Munich, Germany but haven’t lived there for the past 10+ years. In my old life, I was a chemist, I even got a PhD in chemistry, but after I finished I wanted a complete change of scenery and went travelling on a round-the-world trip with my boyfriend which was supposed to last 1 year. We travelled for about a year and then worked in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa for a year before starting to work online and living the digital nomad lifestyle.