Where to find coworking spaces in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is our third time returning to Sofia. Last time we were here in 2018 we were only here for two weeks and we mostly worked from home or from cafes. Some days we work from “home”, some days we go to a coworking space and others we work from cafes. We found ourselves coworking in Sofia regularly. So where can you co-work from in Sofia?

6 Benefits of Remote Work

All too often I hear people ask how to convince their employer remote work is better for their productivity. If you too want to start living the remote lifestyle, use some of these statistics about remote work next time you talk to your boss.

Don’t wait for perfection. Launch and learn!

Having the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want… is often also code for carrying your laptop everywhere just in case you need to send a sneaky email on the go or so you can complete actions on the move wherever there is WiFi! Sometimes along the way on days out or even on evenings and weekends. 🤓

Going From A ‘Sort of Sabbatical’ back to Business As Usual

Earlier this year in May, a very close friend asked me at the time: “Aren’t you supposed to be NOT working?” 😅 I was taking a chunk of time off duty from April onward to roam with no major work commitments for a while – we went on a 9-day cycle tour from London to Paris, took a one week live-aboard beginners competent crew sailing course in Greece, I went to Croatia with my Mum! (I’ll write a post about some of our sabbatical adventures soon!)

Welcome to Project Anywhere

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