Tell me all about your #careeradventures!

Tell me all about your adventures!

None of our adventures are straightforward, it can be pretty messy for all of us although it never seems that way from the outside to everyone else!

I’ve had a number of responses from female friends about their own adventures which surprised me, with many women telling me that they feel their story is too ‘messy’, too ‘boring’ or ‘not worthwhile’ sharing to the world – all are descriptions that I have found to be incredibly untrue for every single one of them! You’re all super fierce women doing fantastic things!! (Same sentiment goes to you guys, men!)

All of our paths/routes/adventures/situations are always changing. Including my own. These responses from female friends and connections remind me of one of the strong driving forces for why I want to highlight to the world through Project Anywhere that life and work is never linear. It is both very messy and immensely wonderful at the same time.

We don’t have to have it all figured out or have lots of achievements and not everything is ever as it seems even for the ones who appear “successful” to us.

I feel that all of our imposter syndromes, among both women and men, make us focus too heavily on what ‘career’ traditionally means when talking about our #careeradventures. Because to me it’s more about the adventure of life where anything we’re working on or creating plays a big part of our ‘careers’. The ‘career adventures’ project has been an interesting journey and self-reflection exercise all around!

What do you think? What are your thoughts? How do you feel about your own career adventures?

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