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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Kirsten Traynor

The short version is that I am an English major who wanted to be a writer. After graduating from college, I won a honeybee hive in a raffle. Keeping bees is strangely addictive and before I knew it, I was pursuing a career as a honeybee scientist. Bees have taken me all over the world: Germany, Ireland, Wales, France and New Zealand, where beekeepers hosted me in their homes for a month. Some day they’ll take me to China, Australia and Thailand.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Zoe Sofair

This week we speak to multi-hyphenate Zoe Sofair of Virtually Zoe. Zoe is a Virtual Assistant, but also host pub quizzes, am a glitter and UV artist, set up a decluttering and organising business and do occasional event management. In between all of this she is also Community Manager for the London Chapter of Girl Gone International, a worldwide community of 250,000+ international women that was founded in 2010 and now with local communities in over 150 cities.

Read on here to hear about all of her Career Adventures.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Becky Wong

Having lived and worked in London for over 10 years, myself and my other half left the hustle of London in May 2017 to travel indefinitely, beginning by basing ourselves in Florence, Italy for a few months. From there we went onto a few months in Lucca, Italy followed by Lisbon, Portugal… we slowly travel around while working remotely choosing to base ourselves in different parts of the world for months at a time rather than moving from place to place quickly. We started off basing ourselves across the UK and the rest of Europe – exploring the countryside and spending time in the great outdoors as much as I can.