Choose Your Own #CareerAdventures (Retrospective: Aug-Sep 2019)

By Becky Wong

You could say that you are on a “career adventure” instead of a career path. This is Project Anywhere’s Career Adventures!

Our “career adventure” interview series charting the joys & challenges, and many different directions our career adventures can take us. Anything from career changes, working remotely, freelancing, contracting, self-employment, starting your own business, working on your own projects alongside your day job, having a side hustle, returning to work after extended leave, redundancies, or portfolio careers – all depending on what choices we make, what steps we choose to take, what opportunities or hurdles that can come our way in the most unlikely of places that help you all to choose your own adventures.

We aim to highlight the zig-zags, the joys, the obstacles, the challenges, the realities and the surprises that all of our different journeys can bring into our lives.

We hope to see you back here soon as we share more career adventures stories. For now, we take a retrospective on all of the stories we’ve shared so far!

Read on below to find all of our Career Adventurers from the last two months. Thank you all for sharing with us.

Having lived and worked in London for over 10 years, myself and my other half left the hustle of London in May 2017 to travel indefinitely. I’m a Remote Business Manager & Operations Consultant where I work remotely with small business owners managing their day-to-day operations, delivering projects for them, coordinating teams, and helping them improve their processes so that their businesses can grow. … Continue reading

Hi, I’m Zoe! I am and have always been a multi-hyphenate with more than one job or ‘side hustle’. Nowadays I’m usually a Virtual Assistant, but also host pub quizzes, am a glitter and UV artist, set up a decluttering and organising business and do occasional event management. … Continue reading

I am a founder and managing director at – a digitally native magazine and a worldwide movement rooted in impactful storytelling; trying to define what it means to live well in the everchanging world. HavingTime creates a safe space for people to share their stories. … Continue reading

I’m Christianne, an Event Director with 14 years of experience working with high profiles brands like Google, YouTube, Nissan, Virgin, Shell and Disney to deliver large scale events all over the world. I’m from Brighton, but living in London and have a passion for feminism, comic books, small dogs and pizza 🙂 … Continue reading

In my time as a freelancer I have taught English both in UK and Japan then online, set up my own Virtual Assistance business, worked as a freelance executive assistant, took a remote role as a project manager and have just pressed pause to become crew on a sailboat with my other half, a skipper and journalist. … Continue reading

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our career adventure stories.

Come back soon to read more career adventures.

Contact us here if you’d like to be featured here to share your own career adventures story.

Do you know anyone who might want to share there adventure? Point them our way!

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