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‘Choose Your Own Career Adventures’ Interview Series

You could say that you are on a “career adventure” instead of a career path. Welcome to “Choose Your Own Career Adventures”! A “career adventure” interview series coming soon to the Project Anywhere blog where we'll be charting the joys & challenges, and many different directions our career adventures can take us.

By Becky Wong

You could say that you are on a “career adventure” instead of a career path. 

Welcome to Project Anywhere’s “Choose Your Own Career Adventures!

A “career adventure” interview series where we chart the joys, the challenges, and the many different directions our career adventures can take us.

We share stories about anything from career changes, working remotely, freelancing, contracting, self-employment, starting your own business, working on your own projects alongside your day job, to having a side hustle or a portfolio career – all depending on what choices we make, what steps we choose to take, what opportunities come our way in the most unlikely of places that help you to choose your own adventure.

Click here to read the many, many different career adventures happening out there! Or contact us by clicking here if you’d like to be featured here to share your own career adventure story!

Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Becky Wong

Having lived and worked in London for over 10 years, myself and my other half left the hustle of London in May 2017 to travel indefinitely, beginning by basing ourselves in Florence, Italy for a few months. From there we went onto a few months in Lucca, Italy followed by Lisbon, Portugal… we slowly travel around while working remotely choosing to base ourselves in different parts of the world for months at a time rather than moving from place to place quickly. We started off basing ourselves across the UK and the rest of Europe – exploring the countryside and spending time in the great outdoors as much as I can.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Kirsten Traynor

The short version is that I am an English major who wanted to be a writer. After graduating from college, I won a honeybee hive in a raffle. Keeping bees is strangely addictive and before I knew it, I was pursuing a career as a honeybee scientist. Bees have taken me all over the world: Germany, Ireland, Wales, France and New Zealand, where beekeepers hosted me in their homes for a month. Some day they’ll take me to China, Australia and Thailand.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Jenny Lachs

My name is Jenny and I’m originally from Munich, Germany but haven’t lived there for the past 10+ years. In my old life, I was a chemist, I even got a PhD in chemistry, but after I finished I wanted a complete change of scenery and went travelling on a round-the-world trip with my boyfriend which was supposed to last 1 year. We travelled for about a year and then worked in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa for a year before starting to work online and living the digital nomad lifestyle.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Aubrey Mernarndt

Almost three years ago, I started my own consulting firm which focuses on democracy and governance work. I’ve worked for clients on projects all over the world which have focused on, for example, helping countries better manage their natural resources, countering disinformation, providing better educational opportunities, improving government service delivery, ensuring the rights of gender and sexual minorities, and more.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Rachel Biggar

Rachel’s adventurous and unconventional career has taken her skiing in France, cooking in Ireland and back to sailing in Greece, Corsica, USA and all around the world. Rachel’s story is a strong reminder to ignore the naysayers, always keep learning and growing your skills, the importance of trying as many things as possible to discover what is NOT what you want in life as well as what you DO, as a big reminder how good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who work!

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Emilie Giles

My name is Emilie Giles – I generally describe myself as an artist/ researcher/ producer. I’m currently working on a PhD with the Open University exploring how e-textiles (electronic textiles) can be used as tangible tools for blind and visually impaired people, and also how they can make their own personalised interactive art pieces using crafting methods.

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