Remote Business Consulting

I help remote businesses and solopreneurs achieve big things and get stuff done.

Remote Business Audit

Book a 60-minute consultation where I will review and audit your current business set up (including work-flows, systems, day-to-day operations and tools) to help you discover what is working well as well as what areas could be improved. Whether you are looking to start a new business or scale your existing business, we’ll work together to set you up to successfully achieve your business goals. You’ll need to complete a pre-consultation form before our session and you will takeway actionable steps you can implement yourself straight away.

Remote Business Mentoring

This is ideal if you are keen to follow on from your business audit and you would like to have ongoing support & guidance while you implement your new processes, start using new online tools, set up autamations or grow your team. Over 3 months, you will have access to unlimited email support, 3 x 30-minute check-in calls each week to make sure you stay on track and 1 x 60-minute session each month where we can review your progress together in more details for guidance.

Remote Business Management

I can support you on day-to-day operations, help you launch new services, and streamline your business to free up your headspace allowing you to focus higher-level strategic activities. I’ll work closely with you, get to know you and your business inside out to play the role(s) of Operations Manager, Business Manager, Project Manager, and Advisor to help you to start or scale your business. 


Becky has been helping me for a few years now and is always a pleasure to work with. I’d definitely describe Becky as a people person. I trust her to represent DGC Dance with my community members as she’s friendly, outgoing & positive by nature. She is very passionate about providing a great customer experience!

She’s been taking on more responsibilities of DGC Dance daily operations to help me strreamline daily admin tasks, freeing up my time to focus on growing and improving my business.  Becky is also very good for bouncing off ideas together and always suggests new ideas or helpful things to try out which I may not have considered. 

I’m very happy working with her and comfortable giving her full responsibility. If she says she’s going to do something, she’ll do it.

Dickie Wong, Founder & K-Pop Dance Instructor at DGC Dance

As a business owner and entrepreneur, working with Becky allowed me to stay focused on higher-level, strategic actions enabling me to grow my business and build our services. She kept the team motivated every day, ensured our digital launch plans were on track and aligned with our business goals, set up and improved operational processes as well as managed our internship programme coordinating and mentoring our interns.

She also managed our company blog content, newsletters, client relations, and provided guidance to our social media assistants. I never had to worry at any time because I knew that our team, our clients, and projects were all in good hands with Becky. We had great fun working together too and became good friends in the process. She is very trustworthy and last but not least someone you can count on.

Yiwen L. Cyrus, Founder and CEO of Your24hCoach / Founding Partner of BCM Solutions

Becky is unflappable and delivers every piece of work with a calm and confidence-inspiring approach. She is a meticulous people manager, and is thoroughly reliable. Even when given an impossible workload she applies herself diligently to resolve any obstacle and is not phased by challenges no matter how big or small! 

Verity Baldry, Managing Director of Catalyst for Good Causes

Becky has the perfect positive attitude and determination to work hard and get things done. She’s been a brilliant member of The Climate App team, and has helped create the beginnings of our community, while creating a lot of content. I look forward to what we can achieve together, and know that she will a superb addition to any team that has the fortune of having her.

Samuel Naef, Founder of The Climate App