Going From A ‘Sort of Sabbatical’ back to Business As Usual

By Becky Wong

Earlier this year in May, a very close friend asked me at the time: “Aren’t you supposed to be NOT working?” 😅

I was taking a chunk of time off duty from April onward to roam with no major work commitments for a while – we went on a 9-day cycle tour from London to Paris, took a one week live-aboard beginners competent crew sailing course in Greece, I went to Croatia with my Mum! (I’ll write a post about some of our sabbatical adventures soon!)

All of this was peppered in between other family plans from both sides of our families who are all scattered across different parts Europe, plus a last minute family emergency. One of the big reasons I champion remote work and flexible working is because, although we are often not in the same country or the same town as them, the flexibility has created time for us to be able to see so much more of our family (and friends) than we ever did when we were working full-time in London.

In the previous months since the end of March, I only had plans for a few ad-hoc tasks for my brother’s K-Pop dance school but I paused all other major freelance work. Though I was still not back to working full time on projects in June, I quickly found myself getting stuck into more remote work for my brother and committing to new work with a fabulous friend with a fabulous mission.

When it is for friends, family, loved ones or simply work close to your heart, the drive and want to help push it ahead sparks up big time!

Can you relate? Are you a freelancer who finds yourself getting excited about all of the projects?

I am back to freelancing at full capacity now and enjoying all of the remote work journeys along the way. Opportunities will come to you at the most surprising times when you’re a freelancer, it is always even better when it’s with family or friends. 😊

I did enjoy the rest of my “sort of sabbatical” for a few more months! Even though you’ll see from my Instagram feeds that I had cracked open my laptop in the various places I roam to here and there in the last few months giving many shout outs and cheering for the brilliant @dgcdanceuk and @alixdwilde along the way!

There are also house-sitting adventures looking after dogs. You’ll have to see my personal account @happycamperbecky for those.)

Big bear hugs to you all from Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand!

Becky x

If you want to find out more about what I’ve been working on outside of Project Anywhere or if you want to work with me, you can find out more about my work here.

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