Stacy Ho, Social Entrepreneur & Coach (Hong Kong)

Engaging the services of Becky has been incredibly helpful and effective for me. As a business person, I know what I’m great at. I’m great at creating, I constantly create. And for me, for the past 5 years I sincerely just really wanted to get my voice out there to the public. However, without any direction and focus I wasn’t able to build any momentum for my personal brand.  My biggest challenge has been to distinguish who is my target audience and what is my clear distinct message. Becky has solved that challenge for me.

I have been working with Becky for 6 months, every 2 weeks we have a video conference call, in which we have a major brainstorm session. The most powerful gift Becky has is to receive and digest all my thoughts and then help me compartmentalize my ideas into different themes. Her kindness, her patience, and her professionalism really shine through and work wonders!