Dickie Wong, Founder & Instructor at DGC Dance (London, UK)

Becky has been helping me for a few years now and is always a pleasure to work with. I’d definitely describe Becky as a people person. I trust her to represent DGC Dance with my community members as she’s friendly, outgoing & positive by nature. She is very passionate about providing a great customer experience!

She’s been taking on more responsibilities of DGC Dance daily operations to help me strreamline daily admin tasks, freeing up my time to focus on growing and improving my business. I’ve been running two dance shows each year and Becky has managed the  front-of-house on event days: managing the guestlist, leading volunteers, and handling on-the-door cash ticket sales. Becky is also very good for bouncing off ideas together and always suggests new ideas or helpful things to try out which I may not have considered. Becky is all ears to listen to what I have to say – even if it’s not work related!

I’m very happy working with her and comfortable giving her full responsibility. If she says she’s going to do something, she’ll do it.