Freelancer Matchmaking

Helping you to find new clients. Helping clients to find you.

If you’re a freelancer working remotely (or someone considering becoming a freelancer) who is interested in discussing working with us to find new clients, please contact us here and provide us with more details about yourself as well as any public profile links. We’ll arrange an introductory call together with you to help us match you with the right clients.

If you’re looking for a freelancer to support you and your business you can also contact us here: we’ll send you a discovery form and arrange a chat to discuss before we help to find your freelancer match.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our freelancer matchmaking service is free to freelancers. We charge a small fee to the clients after any successful match.

Stories from our past successful matches:

‘Making the move from a regular pay cheque to freelancing was scary for me, but Becky not only encouraged me to think differently and embrace a non 9-5 way of working; she also referred me to a company that were looking for a copywriter and made my transition 1000% times easier. Becky’s help has been invaluable!’
Jennifer M (Freelancer)

Becky’s encouragement and advice has helped me to find my own path by finding a remote job which allows me the flexibility I was craving. I think it takes a lot of courage to change direction but with her advice it doesn’t feel so scary and it’s encouraged me to see the opportunities in a new light. Becky has kindly matched me with a Business Coach who needed some assistance, and I look forward to helping out many more small businesses in the future.”
– Jenniffer D (Freelancer)

“I am most delighted with my match, she is spot on.  Thanks Becky!”
Moyra S  (Business Owner)