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Tell me all about your career adventures!

None of our adventures are straightforward, it can be pretty messy for all of us although it never seems that way from the outside to everyone else! I’ve had a number of responses from female friends about their own adventures which surprised me, with many women telling me that they feel their story is too ‘messy’, too ‘boring’ or ‘not worthwhile’ sharing to the world – all are descriptions that I have found to be incredibly untrue for every single one of them!

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Choose Your Own Career Adventures with Becky Wong

Having lived and worked in London for over 10 years, myself and my other half left the hustle of London in May 2017 to travel indefinitely, beginning by basing ourselves in Florence, Italy for a few months. From there we went onto a few months in Lucca, Italy followed by Lisbon, Portugal… we slowly travel around while working remotely choosing to base ourselves in different parts of the world for months at a time rather than moving from place to place quickly. We started off basing ourselves across the UK and the rest of Europe – exploring the countryside and spending time in the great outdoors as much as I can.