How Can I Help You?


By working with Project Anywhere, I can free up your time allowing you to focus on higher-level, strategic growth.  You will gain valuable remote support to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly and efficiently combined with supporting the growth of your business through online communications and engagement.

Project Anywhere also provides a network of experienced copywriters, web developers, graphic designers, video producers, translation and more! Whatever your business needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Hi, I’m Becky. 

I am a Freelance Operations Specialist & Business Manager with strong interests in learning & development, social impact, travel, and innovation. In recent years, I have worked with a variety of charities and FinTech start-ups to launch new services and initiatives across the UK. I’ve also supported a number of coaching professionals in managing and growing their small businesses.

A strong problem-solver with over 10 years’ experience working across across various sectors including business operations, project management, delivery & implementation, client relations, customer experience, team training & development, events, marketing and PR. I can work on my own initiative and as part of a team with a flexible attitude to adapt to constantly changing demands

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If you’d like to have a virtual coffee chat together, feel free to contact me here!

Talk to me about:

  • Social change and sustainability
  • Learning and growth
  • Hiking, travel, housesitting
  • Vegan food
  • Dogs!

Where I’ve Been Roaming

I grew up in the UK, spent 5 years in Hong Kong for secondary school before moving back to the UK in time for college and university. Over the years I regularly visit Hong Kong with my family.

Having lived and worked in London for over 10 years, myself and my better half left the hustle of London in May 2017 to explore Italy for a few months. We are now slowly travelling the world, hopping between UK and the rest of Europe along the way.

So far we have been to Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, San Francisco, Portugal, Norway, Bulgaria,  Scotland, with plenty of housesits looking after homes (and the loveliest dogs!) across the UK in Shropshire, Hampshire, Yorkshire and Kent plus a few work trips to Sweden, Belgium and Canada.

This year in 2019, we plan to spend most of our time roaming further afield to USA and Asia!