5 Reasons Your Business Needs Great Copy

By Jen McNulty

Words are powerful things.

They can inform, persuade, evoke and ultimately sell, sell, sell whatever it is you want to sell, sell, sell – but only if you put them in the right order. Communicating your brand message and identifying your brand voice is vital, but not always easy to execute. That’s where a copywriter comes in.

Let’s break it down. Here are 5 reasons your business needs great copy:

1.For authenticity

Honesty and openness is so important. People don’t want paragraphs of business jargon that makes them feel tricked or like they’re being lied to in some way. Convey your business message in a human, relatable way and you can’t go wrong.

2. To get people hooked

You only have a few seconds to capture a person’s attention when they land on your site or open your email. A pitch-perfect tagline can do this effortlessly. The difference between uninspiring, heavy copy and fresh, informative words can make or break a person’s decision to find out more about your business.

3. For clarity and focus

A copywriter can take your jumble of thoughts and transform them into eloquent sentences. They also ensure those sentences are SEO friendly to give your website maximum exposure opportunity.

4. For emotional investment

This might sound a tad dramatic, but speak to people emotively and they’ll remember you: make them smile, share an ethos that matches theirs, or an opinion that marks you out as a real person, not just a one-dimensional business. If they care about what you’re saying, they’ll actually want to listen to what you’re saying.

5. To shout your message in your brand voice

Yes, shout. Selling your ideas means selling your service or product and you have to make sure you do this loudly and clearly to stand out from the crowd. Developing a strong brand voice will mean people trust you, relate to you and, ultimately, buy from you.

This guest post is republished in full with permission from Jen McNulty, a London-based freelance creative copywriter and content strategist.

Her original post can be found on her website here.

If you’re now thinking, ‘Yes, Jen, I’d like a little chat about my copy!’ Then step this way.

You can read more on Jen’s blog at www.jenmcnulty.co.uk.

Jen’s other passion in life is reading! Here’s a link to her book reviews at Books on the 7:47, why not find yourself a cracking new read?

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