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6 Benefits of Remote Work

All too often I hear people ask how to convince their employer remote work is better for their productivity. If you too want to start living the remote lifestyle, use some of these statistics about remote work next time you talk to your boss.

By Matt Young

We love fun facts at Nomadic6, especially fun facts that show the benefits of remote work. All too often I hear people ask how to convince their employer remote work is better for their productivity. If you too want to start living the remote lifestyle, use some of these statistics about remote work next time you talk to your boss. 

Remote workers are more productive

Shocker! When employers allow their employees to work remotely, there is a pretty large spike in productivity. Besides the freedom to schedule your own time, this is a huge indication of trust, which makes remote workers value their relationship with their employer. Global Workplace Analytics Costs & Benefits survey shows that teleworkers in a number of large companies are actually between 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts. They also found that “two-thirds of [all surveyed] employers report increased productivity among their telecommuters”.

Working remotely improves your well-being

Another rather obvious one, but working remotely cuts your daily travel costs, allowing you more financial freedom. You can calculate it right now, how much does your car, gas, tolls, parking, and insurance cost you per month? Wouldn’t you rather spend that elsewhere? You also save loads of time spent commuting, and the stress associated with traveling to work. Say goodbye to road rage! 55% of people reported increases levels of stress due to their daily commute, according to a report by the UK Royal Society for Public Health as cited in Forbes. Saving both time and money will, of course, lead to an improvement in your overall work-life balance.

Your stress can be greatly reduced

Stress goes hand in hand with a full time working life. It isn’t always bad, as it can motivate you to focus on the task at hand and meet your deadlines. But too much of it is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. A 2014 survey from PGI looking at remote workers reported that 82% of telecommuters had lower stress levels when working outside the office. Not to mention, if you’re working from a foriegn location, the beach may be just outside your doorstep. 

No more commuting, save the environment!

Furthering the point made above, cutting out the nuisance that is commuting drastically cuts down on the carbon emissions created from using a vehicle. Even from just working outside of the office for half of the week, remote workers could reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 54 million tons every year. Also the amount of resources needed within the office environment is reduced, meaning that paper, electricity and heating use are all cut down.

Increase your work/life balance

Now that you’ll have flexible working arrangements and are incharge of your schedule, and more time in your day without commuting, you’ll be better at managing your work-life balance. It’s been shown to be conducive to a better standard of mental and physical health, reducing stress and burnout. FlexJobs reports that 97% of over 3000 respondents in their 2018 annual survey said that a flexible job would have a “huge improvement or positive impact on their overall quality of life”.

Companies save money with remote workers

Think of all the money a business could save if they no longer need a physical office space. Remote hiring companies see a tangible reduction in costs associated with running a fully equipped and staffed office for all workers. IBM for example managed to save $50 million in real estate costs. 60% of employers questioned in the costs and benefits survey reported cost savings overall as a significant benefit of allowing people to work from home.

There you have it.

There should be enough reason to start browsing remote jobs, or start a conversation with your employer about going remote!

What about you? Are there other benefits you would add to this list? Have you started a conversation with your employers to start making a transition into remote work?

Matt and everyone at Nomadic6 believes in the location independence revolution, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about going remote. Find out more about Nomadic6 and contact them here!

This article is republished in full with permission. You can find the original post by clicking here.

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